Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comrades 2013

What a year this is turning out to be training for Comrades, normally I set out my races well in advance and things work out, not this year ......
Long races planning.

Sasolburg Marathon 2 Feb  Cancelled due to unrest and funerals
Township Marathon  24 Feb can't do because doing vaal
New  Vaal Marathon 3 March  I was confidnet of qualifiying at Sasolburg now for a new race...
New Fordyce 52 21 March to replace long tom
Longtom 56 30 March moved to 6 April then Cancelled due to finances and possibly indecision re date
Elands valley 13 April last resort to qualify?
Loskop 50 20 April possible last resort to qualify? or just a good long walk.

Comrades 2 June

Let see what pans out