Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoes next step....

I have just taken the time to actually weigh my shoes.
Hyperspeed 245g after 68km
MR828 NB lightweights 340g after 51km
Asics Skyspeed 375g after 58km
Asics Nimbus 11 455g after about 800km
Who needs ankle weights with these weights. No wonder the Hyperspeeds feel so light!!
I really struggle to walk in the Nimbus mow, they actually feel heavy and like bricks on my feet.
I really like the MR828's especially the price, so I went and bought a spare pair for when the nimbus are finished.
I will just use the Nimbus for LSD walks (Long Slow Distance)
The Skypspeeds for long races, the Hyperspeeds for up to 21 and the MR828's for everyday faster training and Nimbus for LSD.

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