Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shoes Bloody Shoes

Ok so here we go again.
My Nimbus 12 collapased at about 200k, the inner left heel is flat and the shoe is leaning like the tower of Pisa. This I presume is what caused my arch pain on Comrades.

I spoke to my Biokinetitcist, took some videos on the treadmill etc. My arches do not collapsed when walking, well we only went to about 8min/km, but I do have a bend in my ankle, which is causing me to land on the inside of my left heel. I got an appointment to see the Asics rep, he looked at all my shoes and well I now wear GT2160s which are stability shoes. The change over is quite hard as I am feeling muscles I never knew I had. Hammies are stretching, shins and calves feel it, Glutes are a bit tender, thats after a 8k, 15k 11k sequence. On Monday I tried my old Nimbus 11s( done nearly 1300k) for a change. Liz says she can notice how much more stable I look when walking, it also looks like it may have an impact on my stride length which has been going down since January, but is now gradually going up again.

This image shows how my stride dropped after two oceans until Comrades. My pace is pretty closely linked to my stride.

I have done another session of speed work at Tukkies where I average below 6:30 min/km for my hour , I nearly completed my 23 lap. Next time I should make it. I also set a goal for doing a sub 6:00 minute km which I achieved the other day, I wonder when I will do a sub 5:30km, I suppose that dreaming is good for one.

We are doing a 25k race on Saturday and I will be using the GT2160s, I need to somehow work out a routine to alternate between neutral and Stability which helps me become more accustomed to the added support. My problem is that it looks like all my neutral shoes are collapsing!! so that means they will offer me less support than if they were new.
I may need to find some stabilty shoes with less support so as to gradually change over. Lets ee what happens on Saturday.

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