Monday, March 26, 2012

Nepal Countdown

Ok so I logged on to try and secure seats today, Emirates informs me that the flight from Dubai to Kathmandu, well it is no more. Wild emails and frantic phone calls , resulted in use all( hopefully) being reticketed on a later flight, one that 2 of our group were on anyway. So now we may all arrive together. This is a code share flight with flydubai I then checked to ensure that all was well, only to find out that in the ticket change our tickets had not been reinstated, our 20th choice of seats were now taken so .... anyway we have seats. I have received new etickets and they are right. I also discovered, enter the plane and airline and choose your seats. Helps alleviate galley/ lav smells The countdown has begun.......

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  1. so exciting - will you be able to post photos on this blog while you are travelling? or will we have to wait until your return?