Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ok so I suppose I better ramble a bit then.

Life goes on and on and on.
Somethings that have got me thinking
1 Why do some people always seem to land with their bum in the butter so to speak?
2 Why do we never appreciate what we have been given by some or higher being?
eg Cosatu striking yet we have 50%? unemployment
Brett Kebble?
Zuma's nephew?
3 Why is it easier to complain than to appreciate?
4 I believe there is a God, but if God speaks to people why does he tell Benny Hin to rip people off by charging them to fund his lifestyle, but then Maria who lives in squallor in a squatter camp without a job even contributes to his requests. This whole concept does not tie in for me with a concept of a God who is Love and loves without restraint.
5 How can anyone support soccer teams ( really any sportsman) earning obscene amounts of money, imagine 220 000 GBP a WEEK for a guy( Yaya Toure) who could not get in to the Barcelona team? It seems most of these teams are run by people who have far to much money- eg oil sheikhs and crooked Russians.
6 Amazing how we idolise people seen in the media, somehow we think they must be perfect because they are published/ written about. eg Tiger Woods(always thought he was slimey), Joost?, Jake , FW etc . I suppose in some ways this whole blogging thing allows us to let off a bit of steam, whether anyone reads it or not.
7 Why do some people suffer more medical/health problems than others? In the same why are some people blessed with good health.
8 At least since I took up walking a few years ago I have a way to clear my mind, get some ideas flowing etc, I suppose it would be great if I could blog while walking. I suppose in a few years I will be able to use voice recognition on my gps/cell/watch/laptop (all in one) to post while walking.
end of epistle

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  1. Hi Dave, I didnt know you were blogging! the invitation went to my spam, but I will become a follower and then I will know whenever you publish something! welcome to the blogging world!