Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ok so not such a long break this time
I have booked flights to Cape Town to do the 50km at the Cape Big Walk on 14 Nov. I will use this as my qualifier for two oceans 2011. I need to finish in under 6:30 which should be fine. I did Loskop 50 in 6:15, so should be able to achieve my goal.

Liz will run the first 20 odd kms as a training run then she will second me to the end. This will make a welcome change for me. The 80 k last year was only about 50 walkers, the 50k was about 150, the 80 k starts really early then passes the 50km start at about the time we are starting out.
I think the finish is Rhodes high school- this is also the start for the 80km.
I am looking forward to this as I met a lady last year who did it in 6:15, and we raced often together.
We will probably be staying at a guest house in Simons town which is quite near our start at Fish Hoek.

The training levels are improving, I just need to get my speed up as TO is a faster race than comrades.

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  1. Sounds good, Dave, I am looking forward to seeing you in action!