Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kruger Park Epic

Ok so this was an amazing experience.
We went in to Kruger Park today, the day ended fine but talk about an epic day.
We had a good morning with some good game viewing we got to Nkulhu picnic spot for lunch, between Lower Sabie and Skukuza,. Lotte managed to fall on the rock stairs and ended up with a bleeding shin. We were amazed by the local First aid assistant who cleaned the wound and put on a bandage.
We were going to continue to Skukuza and down to Malelane gate, but because of Lotte's wound we decided to rather go to Crocodile bridge gate. We often go down the Biyamiti camp road even though it is actually a no entry road. Just after Biyamiti camp we saw a young lion move into the road, followed by another and another. We ended up with 14 or maybe 15 Lions walking down the road in front of us. They then sat down on the road and lay there in a crouching position. It seemed like a mom was teaching her litter(s) to hunt. There were probably 6 largish male cubs. About 400m away we saw a Buffalo cross the road, then another with a calf. We now realised that there was a herd of Buffalo in the dense bush on our right.... Now what! we were getting a bit tight to get to the gate before close. We called the gate and they advised that we should just drive slowly through and we would be fine. If they were Elephant or Rhino we should be careful and wait for them to move.
Interesting sighting
We can wait all day
This they hoped would provide supper 

So we set off with Dan driving Lotte's car ( as he had done all trip) going past the Lions was fine, they just gave us a glance as we went past. The Buffalo were more intriguing because we were not sure if one of them had been hurt in the Lions first attack! A wounded Buffalo is dangerous!! Well we got through unscathed and set off, only to discover that the bridge over the Biyamiti river had been damaged in the recent floods, so the road was closed. We now had to go out of Malelane gate but there was no way we would make it by 17:30!! We however had no choice so set off probably going a little fast but what choice did we have.  As it got dark we slowed down, past some Impala, these moved out of our way. Then we came across a herd of Buffalo who were not as keen to move out of our way, but they did. 
Next we found 3 white Rhino who we needed to coax off the roads. We switched off lights, reversed back  away from them and waited, we flashed lights at them. Eventually they moved off. So off we went, arriving at the gate about 20 minutes late. Liz told the  guard our sorry story, he did not seem to understand, but he opened the gate for us.  So we were out without a fine...
Now back at our Timeshare and feeling relieved but having experienced a great day.

Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we enjoyed ours!!!


  1. Great to seethe photos to go with the story - very exciting

  2. Awesome! I grew up in JHB but went to Kruger 4 times per year since I was 1 year old. My dad was an honorary ranger for 30 years. Absolutely love the place.