Sunday, October 7, 2012


This page is mostly for myself to keep  record of my shoes, see how they collapse and how they wear out

These Asics 2160 are stability shoes and have done 839Km they have been retired

These NB 828s are neutral lightweights and have done 757 km they have been retired.
Therse Asics Kayano 17 stability shoes have done 456kms mostly races
These puma Complete lightweight trail shoes have done 116 
 The first 2 shoes show a significant collapsing of the left heel. I need to get a few videos done to analyze this. Even the 2160 has collapsed and it is supposed  to be a stability shoe and therefore should prevent this.. The NB always affected my Plantar but after cutting the plastic that link the heel with the sole with a hacksaw in two parallel cust about 20mm apart, they were much more flexible and I used them for a lot of training.
The Kayano I bought after my Nimbus 12 collapsed on Comrades, after 358km they were thrownout, no pics. My skyspeeds before that collapsed on Long Tom56k  after only 328km. Interestingly i got 1208kms on my Nimbus 11 and about 1250 on my Nimbus 10s!!
I bought the pumas because they are flexible and light.
I am now looking at getting
Kayano 18 on a special or
Brooks Pureflow or
Saucony Ride 5 or
Inov-8 255 Roads.

Who knows what I will decide on... May be based on size availability.

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