Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chamberlains 21 13 October 2012

Having been to Sabie River Sun for a week, where we MTBed everywhere I struggled a bit getting back into walking fast, I thought that cycling was supposed to increase my cadence!!!

Ok so Liz and I are training for Soweto Marathon, been on our bucket list, needed a goal to train for and so we needed to do a few 21s. I really enjoy Chamberlains, done it 5 years in a row now, so off we went, having had a few bottles of wine the night before with Leigh, Paula and Joyce. Heather came over and drove us to the race, Heather remember to fill up with petrol the day before races !!  

Entry was easy as usual, and I just wandered to the start, was about 150 back with huge crowd but I only wanted to finish, so no pressure. At around the 1k mark I caught up with  Liz and Heather who were struggling to get through the crowds. I just ket going feeling strong, did a really fast 6:15 km down to Techo park and then felt good, saw a few walkers ahead so kept up the pace. at around the 8 k marker I caught a guy who I have passed in races before but normally he has slowed quite a bit by then, we chatted a bit about running wives etc, he decided to just do the 10 so went in. Saying something about win the thing!

I carried on my race and I must say I enjoyed the route change. At around 12ks a marshall said I was the first walker so I wondered where all the fast guys were. I kept up my pace, the route being a bit long I did not quite do my hoped for 2:30, missing it by 2 odd minutes. Yes i was first walker, and first master. Got the Gold medals to prove it.  It jsut so happens all the race walkers were in Cape Town so instead of being just outside the prizes I got one( two) for a change  .

This was first Master 
This was first walker



  1. Well done Dave! Nice to win the prizes. You deserve them.

  2. Congratulations! Now you are going to have to build a bar to display all your medals ;)